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Seeking For Customer Service in a Banking Relationship

By Lisa Anderson| Published May 24, 2023

Customers talking

What is Customer Service? Customer Service is the model that makes community banking different from other banking institutions. It is providing superior levels of service to customers, non-customers, and employees. Community Bankers believe in building trust, friendships and partnerships that allow the customer to feel secure in their financial needs.

As a consumer, one is always looking for the best deals, quality service (both short-term and long-term), products that are up to-date, ease of use in online banking and a partnership to oversee their day-to-day financial operations. What they often forget to consider is the quality of customer service that comes along with all the products. As technology continues to change, bankers must adapt to the changes on how to manage both personal and business services they offer. Employees of the bank MUST have the knowledge of their products and services offered to their customers.

There are so many questions that a consumer may ask as they look for a new bank, whether the new bank is a Community Bank or a well-known National Bank. Here are some to consider:

  • Will this bank take care of me?
  • Am I just another account number or do they know me personally?
  • Will this bank go the extra mile to resolve any issue?
  • Will this bank help me feel secure in my banking relationship?
  • Are the employees informed on the products and services offered or will I be handed off to multiple departments?
  • When I call in, will I talk to a live person instead of an automated touch-system?
  • Will my banker listen to my questions or concerns and seek to resolve them?
  • Will the bank be transparent when communicating with me?
  • Will I feel satisfied, acknowledged, and appreciated at the end of every interaction?

I encourage you to think of these questions when considering your banking relationship. Of course, you can always check us out as an option. First Community Bank’s Vision statement is “Everyone comes in as a customer and leaves as a friend” and we strive to achieve this vision daily in offering exceptional customer service.

Lisa AndersonLisa Anderson | VP Loan Servicing Manager 
Lisa co-manages First Community Bank’s successful loan operations team and has years of experience in helping businesses achieve their financial dreams by working with them as a partner in banking.