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Personal Loans

Your personal loan solution is closer than you think.

With competitive rates, available automatic payments and outstanding customer service, a personal loan from us could be the smart answer for your goals in life.

If you need it, want it, desire it, or dream it, we want to help you get it! 
Put the power of the equity already under your roof to work for you. Home equity
lines are popular methods for financing home improvements, consolidating
personal debt, and even making a major purchase like a car. Use the equity in your current home to purchase a new primary residence or a second home.
Your Solution for Building or Repairing Your Credit Score
Credit Builder is a short-term loan offered to people who are either trying to establish good credit or repair poor credit. It’s easy to set up — just stop in and see us.

How It Works

The bank makes a loan to the individual in an amount ranging from $500-$2,000 in a term ranging from 24-36 months.*

Loan proceeds are deposited in a savings account under the borrower’s name and available to the borrower upon full repayment of the loan. This means you are building credit and saving for the future at the same time!

Payments to the loan are made monthly and are set up to fit your budget.

Who Should Apply?

Credit Builder is designed for anyone who wants or needs to establish good credit. You must be at least 18 years old to apply. 

Additional Benefits of Credit Builder

  • Establish or build good credit and keep the savings account First Community Bank opens on your behalf.
  • We will also reduce your loan interest rate if you participate in and complete our Financial Foundation for Adults Program available through our website.
  • Statistics show that people who receive rigorous financial education see higher credit scores and less chance of credit delinquency.
  • There will be an option to take one withdrawal from the savings account per year when the savings account exceeds the loan balance. The withdrawal can be up to the difference of the savings account and loan balance.

Financial Foundations

Want to do even more to become financially savvy?

Financial Foundations is a free online education series provided by First Community Bank that covers key concepts that can help manage your financial future.  Follow these steps below to access the playlist:

  1. Click on Financial Foundations under Education at the top of the page
  2. Select Credit Builder and click Enroll Now
  3. Select the Credit Builder Playlist

*A $500 loan with an APR of 9.99% for 24 months has a monthly payment of $23.07 and total payments of $553.68 over the 24 month term. Results are not guaranteed.  Improvement in credit score is dependent on multiple factors specific to your financial behavior. For example, late payments on other financial obligations may negatively influence your credit score, even if your payments on a Credit Builder Loan are current.
Borrow money without having to pledge any collateral. Loans begin with low minimums along with fixed rates and various term options.

This simple line of credit assures funds are there when you need them.
Enjoy flexibility and peace of mind with an overdraft protection on your First Community Bank checking account. Funds are advanced automatically when you exceed your cash balance.
Use your cash to your advantage! Open a Certificate of Deposit (CD) with First Community Bank, pledge as collateral for your lower interest, budget friendly CD secured loan.
Whether purchasing from a private party or your favorite dealer, drive a smart financial solution with a fixed, competitive rate for a new or used car, truck, RV, sporty utility vehicle, boat loan and more.

Our team of experienced consumer lenders looks forward to helping you achieve your dream.