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Keeping Customer Service Alive in Your Business

By Maria Odle| Published May 17, 2023

Customer Service

Have you ever felt as if you were being held hostage by horrible customer service?  How do you feel after being wowed by a fantastic sales pitch only to discover the endless customer service line? I feel your pain and so do most Americans.  According to the National Customer Rage Survey, 74% of Americans say they’ve had product or service problem in the past year, which level has more than doubled since 1976.   

I’ve learned from working in customer service for many years a simple truth- if your company’s customer service is not good, getting and keeping loyal customers for your business will almost be impossible.  So how does your business measure up with your with Customer Service?  Here are a few tips to help you succeed.

Embrace a people-first attitude.  I want to feel that I matter to that business. I want the company providing the service to realize my importance as a customer. That doesn’t mean that I want them to break the rules or do something that is not ethical. It means that I want them to put themselves into my shoes, to show me sincere empathy with me and my situation; to show a more human side to the problem and solution.

Exhibit a friendly yet professional approach. I like where I work and like to have fun, but when I have a problem and need it to be worked on, I want to have the company be friendly but still professional with me.  I want to feel that my situation supersedes whatever was happening or being talked about socially between employees until I am off the phone or out of the building.  

Have knowledgeable employees. With the workforce environment that we are in, it is hard for companies to keep employees.  Therefore, it is important to have a robust training program in place to give the employees the knowledge needed of their products and to be able to help customers efficiently.  It is acceptable to have an agent admit that they do not know the answer if they become invested to finding the answer.  However, it is not good practice to have employees tell the customer things that are not true or accurate.  This can lead to frustration and even liability.    

Technology vs Personal Service. Technology is essential in today’s world but should not replace human interaction in all cases.  I like to call on the phone and reach a live person instead of a machine that can never understand what you are saying or need.  I think technology does help in around-the-clock care or other situations. 

By simply following the motto of “Do the right thing”, your business can exceed in getting and keeping loyal customers that will result in your business longevity and profitability.

Maria OdleMaria Odle | VP Customer Service Manager
Maria prides herself on having a team that provides excellent customer service to our customers.  She lives what she teaches and loves the relationships that she has built here at the bank for over 29 years.  When not at the bank she volunteers her time as the treasurer for the Layton Heritage Museum Board as well as a member of the RAMP Commission for Layton City.