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Banking In a Digital World

By Alex Bassett| Published July 12, 2023

Mobile Banking app

As we progress further into the world of digitalization, things continue to get easier for us. When you look at your life everything can be found at your fingertips. From coupons to contact lists, everything is easily accessible on our computers and on our phones. This is also true for banking. We no longer are required make the long trek to the bank just to wait in lines so we can check our balance.

Just like most other tools, we rarely use online and mobile banking to their full potential. Here is a list of ways you can experience success using your online banking!  

  • View balances online- You can stop worrying about if you have money in your account. You can see your balances and transfer funds, so you always have your money where you need it.
  • Send money and pay bills- Paying your bills has never been so easy. Quickly send payments online with bill pay and remove the worry and stress of sending your bills in the mail.
  • Set up account alerts- If you are worried about your accounts you can set up alerts to notify you any time your account is used. If fraudsters gain access to your account, you are notified immediately and can take steps to prevent loss.
  • Online statements- Forget having to file your paper statements. You get instant access to your bank statements and have them saved for you all in one place.
  • Open new accounts- Open accounts when and where you want. You won’t have to worry about going into the bank and wait to be helped. You can do it from the convenience of your own home!

Here at First Community Bank, we give you the ability to take banking into your own hands. If you like coming into the bank and seeing a friendly face, we are here for you. If you are busy and need banking on the go, we give you that power as well.


Alex BassettAuthor: Alex Bassett, Operations Support Specialist

Alex has been with the bank for over five years. He loves working with customers to help them find solutions to their problems. He is focused on becoming friends with every customer and helping them achieve their financial goals.