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Successful Branding for Your Business

By Olivia Dario | Marketing Assistant 

Branding Infographic

Having a branding strategy is essential for your business’s success. Strategic branding goes beyond your company’s logo, it’s your identity. Branding is the face of your company that can create a lasting impression on your consumers. Here’s some things to consider when you evaluate your brand:


Communicate your company’s purpose through your brand. Your logo should have an element that indicates the product/service you provide. You can accomplish this by using meaningful icons, purposeful colors, or even spelling it out in your name. Stay relevant to your target audience through your image. Ask yourself, does your branding cause confusion? Does your brand indicate the type of company you are? Consider re-branding if your brand doesn’t communicate your message.


Unique branding can separate your business from competitors. Avoid using similar colors, fonts, or shapes as your competitors. Be authentic and showcase your company’s individuality with your branding style. Stand out to your target audience by being inimitable. You are your own business, and you don’t need to mirror a competitor’s image.


Your brand’s logo, colors, collateral, social media presence, and website all need to be united. Present a strong image by following consistent brand guidelines. You can accomplish this image with variations of your logo, permanent colors, and primary fonts. Look at all these elements and make sure they are connected. This helps ensure that your company is recognized whenever a potential customer sees you.

At First Community Bank, we are dedicated to helping our local businesses succeed. Create a lasting impression for your audience with strategic branding.


Olivia Dario's HeadshotAuthor: Olivia Dario, Marketing Assistant 

Olivia Dario is First Community Bank’s Marketing Assistant; she has a passion for designing effective branding and marketing strategies. She currently serves on the bank’s Community Reinvestment Committee and on the board for Safe Harbor, Davis County’s Lifeline and Prevention Center.